District Economics Group

District Economics Group is a non-partisan economic consulting firm providing highly specialized economic analysis and insights into the federal revenue, legislative, and regulatory policymaking processes for our clients. We have several decades of combined experience working at the “ground level” as analysts and advisors to the Legislative and Executive branches. In our work we strive not only to inform our clients’ goals, strategies, and decisions but also—through our frequent interaction and collaboration with policymaking staff—to ultimately improve the quality and effectiveness of public policies.

We have served clients from the communications, software, life sciences, chemical, mining, oil and gas, agriculture, real estate, transportation, securities, insurance, housing, and entertainment industries, as well as non-profit and government-sector clients.

Among the wide variety of services District Economics Group can provide are these:

  • economic analysis of effects of public policies on different industries and across household demographic categories;
  • contribution/impact of specific industries and populations to the macroeconomy;
  • revenue analysis of federal tax legislation and alternative proposals; 
  • strategic services to improve the economic analysis of legislative proposals and communicate that information to relevant Congressional and Executive branch staffs;
  • improvement to the legislative process by bringing the right industry and client-specific information to members and staff of Congress;
  • deep-dive analysis of particular industry issues to further these goals.